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Your EZ Ads has become a top-notch way to get affordable, even free quality traffic will high conversions.  Members are reporting great results!

Your EZ Ads is like a cross between a safelist and a traffic exchange.  It is different than a regular traffic exchange, where the difference is that the site shows members' contextual advertisements to other members as opposed to full web page views as most traffic exchanges do. As long as you have credits, your websites will always get guaranteed visitors as you have credits deducted every time your text ad is displayed.  Members do not have to sit there and view websites they are not interested in for 30 seconds at a time. Instead, they will only view websites they want to view and will earn credits for doing that! 

So does Your EZ Ads really work?  Yes!  Again, members get to choose which sites they want to view which makes for higher conversions for advertisers since members do not have to click through site after site they are not interested in.  Members only click on the text ads that catch their attention.  Once they click on the text ad, they are taken to the website that is being advertised by the text ad.

The more appealing your text ads, the more traffic you get - it's that simple!  Your EZ Ads also offers Banner Ads, Solo Ads and Login Ads.  Your EZ Ads allows you to post your ads free but we also have 2 upgrade options that let you enjoy even more ads postings, higher commissions and great bonuses!

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